Sweet Stuff (6)

Sweet Stuff (6)

Sweet Stuff (6)

Generation 1, Twinkle Eyed Ponies, Year Four (1985-1986)

Type: Earth Pony • Adult • Female

Attributes: Twinkle Eyes

Condition: Dry Hair, Near Perfect, Rusty Butt

Status: Done

Pose: Gingerbread Pose

Body Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blue, Pink, Purple, White

Duplicate: Duplicate (Keeping)


After careful perusal on eBay, this looks to be the perfect copy. Body is clean, no Pony Cancer, eyes are still sparkly, and hair is not too dry. (Finding perfect hair on this girl is a losing battle, I’m pretty sure.) Cross fingers.

Well, she arrived and she’s exactly as I hoped. She does have a bit of rusty butt, but a nice bow will hide that. She smells clean, so I’m not going to spend hours trying to hack her head off to try and fix something that hopefully shouldn’t cause any problems in the future.

Added: 6 Jul 2019 (eBay)

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