Floater (2)

Floater (2)

Floater (2)

Generation 1, Magic Message Ponies, Year Six (1987-1988)

Type: Pegasus Pony • Adult • Female

Condition: Dry Hair, Needs a Spa Day

Status: Done

Pose: Lofty Pose

Body Colour: Yellow

Hair Colour: Green, Pink

Army: Floater Army

Notes: A bit grubby in that way that an Oxy bath would fix, but because she’s Magic Message, that’s not an option, so it looks like a long evening with a magic eraser.

I love this pony so much I had to buy a second copy from PonyCon. Didn’t even try to justify it beyond “She’s soooo pretty.”

Added: 10 Oct 2015 (eBay)

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