Windy (1)

Windy (1)

Windy (1)

Generation 1, Rainbow Ponies, Year Two (1983-1984)

Type: Unicorn • Adult • Female

Attributes: Glitter Symbol, Rainbow Hair

Condition: Good, Head/Body Different Colours

Status: Done

Pose: Glory Pose

Body Colour: Purple

Hair Colour: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow

Duplicate: Duplicate (Keeping)

Notes: Why didn’t I keep my original version of her? She’s beautiful.

So glad I found her at PonyCon. I’m never able to find her on eBay. Just like Glory. (Cue influx of Windys in every single bundle I buy from now until the end of time.)

Added: 10 Oct 2015 (PonyCon 2015)

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