Half Note, Baby (2)

Half Note, Baby (2)

Half Note, Baby (2)

Generation 1, Playset Ponies, Year Four (1985-1986)

Type: Earth Pony • Baby • Female

Attributes: Custom

Condition: Good, Rehaired - Yarn

Status: Done

Pose: Baby Cuddles Pose

Body Colour: Pink

Hair Colour: Green

Duplicate: Duplicate (Keeping)

Notes: When I received her, her hair was a solid clump, not two separate sections, and she was filthy. Had to cut her hair off to give her an Oxy bath.

Spent a good deal of time looking for replacement hair at PonyCon, but have now decided that since there is no perfect match, I’ll just find a shade that looks nice.

After never finding the right shade, I gave up and tried out my new yarn to give her a multi-coloured look. It came out so cute.

Added: 24 Oct 2015 (eBay)

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