Pinkie Pie (Styling) (2)

Pinkie Pie (Styling) (2)

Pinkie Pie (Styling) (2)

Generation 3, Styling Ponies, Year Four (2006)

Type: Earth Pony • Adult • Female

Attributes: Large, Styling Ponies

Condition: Dry Hair, Good, Needs Re-Pinking

Status: Done

Pose: Crystal Lace Pose

Body Colour: Pink

Hair Colour: Pink

Duplicate: Duplicate (Keeping)

Notes: Boot sale purchase. She was covered in stickers and – I’m guessing here – left on a window sill. She has the pony pox. She’s darker where the stickers were. It’s a cute look, but not suitable for a picky collector. Also, it took several hours to work out the knots in her hair. Her mane is dry at the ends, but her tail is very soft.

Added: 1 Jun 2018 (Boot Sale)

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