Welcome to my MLP Collection

In April 2015, I visited my mother and she asked my husband to fix something in her attic room. While he was up there, he called down to me, “Wife! Your ponies are ganging up on me.”

Mum had arranged them in a formation, as if Strawberry Fair was leading them to freedom.

My Original My Little Ponies

I then sat down on the floor and explained the nature of the relationships between them. I swear husband’s eyes glazed over, but he later said that I was “the cutest thing ever”.

If you want to know, Strawberry Fair is best friends with Bouquet, and they adopted Snowflake (who has no cutie mark and no official name because she was a gift from the MLP Fanclub in the 80s), and I was pretty convinced that Daddy Apple Delight was in love with Strawberry Fair because Mommy Apple Delight appears a bit clingy. The only other male is Wigwam, but he never wanted to date anyone. Craig asked if he was gay, I thought he might be, but on reflection, I think he’s probably asexual, because he never craved any kind of romantic attachment.

Then we both decided that since Strawberry Fair and Bouquet were so close, and adopted a baby together, they might actually be a couple. They were certainly the leads in all of my stories back in the day.

Anyway I said I wanted to take some home with me. Then I said all of them (because the others can never know that they’re not my favourites). Then Craig asked where they’d live. So then I said none of them. Then I looked at them again. Then I said all of them.

With that decided, I got googling. At first my google searches were a bit general (how to wash doll hair), and then I got more specific, which led me to The My Little Pony Preservation Project.  Also, I used StrawberryReef.com to identify the ponies I couldn’t remember the names of.

Since then my collection has grown from my original 20 ponies rather significantly, and since I’m a geek as well as a collector, I decided to build a site to keep track of them. I currently have 1,276 ponies.

Note: I’ve pulled the data from My Little Wiki, however, I probably made some errors when converting their data into a spreadsheet/database. I’ve got a pony down as the wrong type/year/whatever. My bad, not theirs.

Also, note that some of the pictures are placeholders – anything with a pink background is a temporary image. Anything with a black background with the pony surrounded by gems are old pictures that need updating.

Finally, if this site hasn’t been updated for awhile (no new notes below this or “last updated” to the left is a good few months ago, that means nothing except I haven’t bought new ponies for awhile. I’m still collecting, still working on the site, still giving spa days and organizing my collection.

A Tour of my Pony Room (9 Oct 2022)

Here you go. Have a look around my pony room. I made this video for PonyCon UK 2022.

Today’s purchases:

Lulabelle Dance Slippers Fair Weather Razzaroo Windy Wisp Bumblesweet Tea Lily

Recut My Little Pony: The Movie trailer (29 Nov 2020)

Check out my recut trailer for the original My Little Pony movie, where I try to make it as epic as I hope it was.


Strawberry Fair Army (16 Jun 2019)

My commissions arrived from Pandabear and they look amazing.

Check out my lovely Strawberry Army shelf (with a few Chocolate Chips, who is my secondary army).

Strawberry Fair Army

Today’s purchases:

Strawberry Fair Strawberry Fair

First Car Boot of the Season (24 Feb 2019)

Today I went to the first car boot of the season, and managed to get a pretty good haul:


Sweet Breeze
Guava Lava
Toola Roola

Celestia (large)
Celestia (Equestria Girls)
Rarity (large)
Spike (plush)

Total spend on ponies? £11.60. Win.

Today’s purchases:

Merriweather Guava Lava Sweet Breeze Toola-Roola Starsong Sunlight Princess Celestia Princess Celestia Spike

New Look (29 Dec 2018)

After years of having the same look, which was very clunkily implemented, I’ve given the site a very MLP-style makeover. And as soon as I can face it, we will migrate over to actual MLPCollection.com url.

Today’s purchases:

Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash


Mint on Card (4 Oct 2017)

I’ve never had any great desire for mint on card ponies. In fact, after seeing Toy Story 2, I’ve always felt sorry for toys that have never been played with.

However, today I thought I might as well add “my little pony moc strawberry fair” and “my little pony moc sugarberry” to my eBay alerts, so I could start getting an idea of the pennies I would need to save to buy her.

As it turned out, there was a MOC Strawberry Fair listed as a Buy It Now, for a very reasonable price. I hesitated for a moment or two, but my husband hopped up and down, screaming, “BUY IT! BUY IT RIGHT NOW!”

Well, that might be an exaggeration, but it he was certainly supportive.

And I will shortly have my hands on my very own MOC Strawberry Fair, something I haven’t experienced since about 1987.

Today’s purchases:

Strawberry Fair

Christmas Haul (26 Dec 2016)

Apparently I was a very good girl this year because three people bought me ponies for Christmas: husband; mother in law; and niece.

My mother in law, who freely admits that she sniped a bundle. The job lot was up for sale on fleabay on facebook, and someone had already said they would buy the lot. My mother in law added that she could be there with the cash in ten minutes. So she sniped.

My niece has outgrown her ponies, and is astounded I haven’t done the same.

My husband just knows that nothing makes me smile like surprise ponies.

In the haul were:

  • Baby Toddles/Sniffles (twin of Tuggles/Sticky)
  • Cherry Blossom (II) (2)
  • Cherry Pie
  • Crowning Glory
  • Diamond Rose
  • Half Note, Baby (3)
  • Lovey Dovey
  • Minty (I) (2)
  • Pinkie Pie (3)
  • Pinkie Pie (VIII)
  • Princess Cadence (2)
  • Rainbow Dash (III)
  • Rainbow Dash (Large)
  • Rarity (2)
  • Shining Armor
  • Starsong (Cascading Cutie Mark)
  • Twilight Sparkle (2)

Gen 4: Head Cannon - Celestia (23 Oct 2016)

Celestia is a galloping alcoholic. During It’s About Time, Celestia breezes past Twilight, with a cheery, “Happy Tuesday”. She is doing the walk of shame. (And is still lightly buzzed.) She laughs inappropriately at Discord’s joke about Twilight’s flying during Make New Friends but Keep Discord. Chrysalis kicks her ass in record time in A Canterlot Wedding Part 2, this is because she’s been quaffing champagne all morning.

Shining Armor is a gormless frat boy. He calls Twilight “Twiley” in a really dazed, surfer tone. I always hear the line in This Day Aria as “the wedding he won’t make, he’ll end up marrying the cake…”

Today’s purchases:

Banana Surprise Barnacle Bright Glow Chief Chocolate Chip Fifi Fizzy Gusty Happy Glow Heart Throb Peppermint Crunch Scoops Shady Skippity Doo Strawberry Fair Sunspot Crystal Crown Fancy Free Fizzy Pop Frilly Frocks Lulabelle Marshmallow Cocoa aka Marshmallow Coco Meadowbrook Mochanut Morning Monarch Morning Monarch Rainbow Flash Rainbow Treat Silver Lining Silver Lining Sweet Breeze Sweet Breeze Thistle Whistle Tira-Mi-Su Toola-Roola Toola-Roola

eBay Woes (25 Sep 2016)

Hi thar G4 sellers. Just FYI, we know where you are. You’re in “1990-Now”. You can stop flooding our “Pre-1990” category with your zillions of sales. If we want you, we know where to find you.

Hi thar fakie sellers. Fuck off. Stop listing your shit as “Vintage Rare My Little Pony 70s/80s”. First off, there were no MLPs in the seventies. Second of all, you just bought those ugly ass fakies from Mozzers twenty minutes ago and you know they’re worthless. Or you’re really impressively stupid. Either way, GTFO of our category.

Hi thar wierdo who has listed a baby buggy with postage of £400. Do you really think anyone’s going to fall for that? Or not immediately demand a refund when they notice you’re scamming them?

Hi thar people who make no effort. Do you really think anyone wants to pay £24.99 (plus £4.50 p&p) for a battered old Posey, with flyaway hair, with only one an grainy photo (tinted alarmingly orange) to appraise her? Either list her for 99p or make an effort with your selling – clean the pony, take a nice photo. “Because bronies” is not a good enough reason to charge over the odds for something any sensible collector has at least three copies of.

Majesty is a selfish cow (14 Sep 2016)

I have so many feelings about Majesty and they can basically be summed up by “Majesty sucks!”

First of all, why does she get to live in a castle while everyone else doesn’t. Ok, so we know Lemon Drop lives in the Show Stable, Peachy has the Grooming Parlour and the babies live in the Nursery, etc, but where do the rest live? Where does Butterscotch live? Where does Glory live?

I’ll tell you where they don’t live. Dream Castle.

Majesty gets to live in a castle by herself. Oh, wait, no, she shares it with a baby dragon. How incredibly generous of her.

Oh, and you know when Ponyland got smoozed? Where the ever-living fuck was Majesty?

Not helping in the slightest. Oh no, she’s just off somewhere safe and sound while the worker bees try to save their world.

This is actually my problem in real life.

God save our gracious queen? Nope, she’s in one of her zillions of castles, surrounded by a fucking army in silly hats. Let’s save the homeless instead.

Fuck you, Majesty. Fuck you. You are all that is wrong with the world.