Custom Wishlist

Ever since I ordered Daddy and Baby Brother Strawberry Fair from Pandabear I’ve had a strong urge to get more. Her work looks Hasbro factory standard. Proof.

So, to keep every idea in mind, I’ve decided to list everything I want and mark it off as I get it.

Strawberry Fair Wishlist

Basically any possible variant of Strawberry Fair. If I’ve forgotten something obvious, email me so I can update my list!

Other Wishlist Ponies

  • Moondancer on Gusty base
  • Glory on Gusty base (purchased at PonyCon 2016)
  • Daddy Gusty
  • Mommy Princess Sparkle (Queen Sparkle??)
  • Daddy Sparkle
  • Baby Brother Sparkle
  • Baby Nightglider
  • Baby Brother Nightglider
  • Daddy Nightglider
  • Baby Snuzzle