My Pony Room

This is how my collection started:

My Original My Little Ponies

20 ponies (well, 19 and Spike) that survived Mum’s brutal cull when we moved 250 miles north at the drop of a hat. I didn’t manage to keep the playsets, but these guys made it through.

Since reclaiming these ponies from Mum’s house, in April 2015, I have spent a lot of time building up my collection, and after years of being crowded into a too-small house, my husband and I finally moved to a house large enough for each of us to have an entire room dedicated to our hobbies.

His room is full of board games, Magic: the Gathering cards and little plastic men that need painting. (Side note: if you restore, having a husband who plays Warhammer is an excellent resource for good quality acrylic paints.)

My room is full of… the eighties. Most of it is ponies, some of it is made up of Sindys, Barbies, their horses, and my secret (but manageable) obsession, Galoob’s Olympia Girls.

This is my Pony Room as at December 2018. It’s still not finished, though the G1s are finally displayed properly, I now have to sort out the G3s.

G1 Shelf 1 G1 Shelf 1 Pony Room (Dec 2018) Pony Room (Dec 2018) Pony Room (Dec 2018) Pony Room (Dec 2018)

G1 Shelf 2 Pony Room (Dec 2018) Pony Room (Dec 2018) Pony Room (Dec 2018)

Even now I have a whole room dedicated to ponies, they’re still all over the house for various reasons, and I really could do with more space.

The room has a slanted wall because it’s a converted attic room, meaning I can only set up my Billy Shelves on one wall, which means I’m going to have to get creative if the collection gets much bigger!

Not shown are the piles of 35th anniversary ponies I received for Christmas, or the present from my awesome Sister-in-law, who really excels in finding old MLP merch. Last year she got me the tapestry kit, this year it was a memory/pairs game, which I actually had as a kid, so that was awesome.

The best thing about having a pony room is that every time you walk into it, you get a huge whiff of that vintage plastic smell – it’s kind of like vanilla. It’s a really nostalgic experience. I pointed it out to my husband, and now when he walks into the room, he always takes a deep inhale.

My next plan is to finish giving all the G3s spa days, and organise them by pose. I wasn’t sure it would work with the G1s, but it ended up looking gorgeous. I want it to look like a dance number in there!

If I ever get around to it (you try spa-ing 400 ponies), I will post more pictures.

Also, this is how I amuse myself while taking light box pictures of ponies post spa-days:

MLP Escher

Have a quick tour around my Pony Room. I made this video for a panel at PonyCon 2022.