Applejack (Stranger Things) (1)

Applejack  (Stranger Things)  (1)

Applejack (Stranger Things) (1)

Generation 1, Special Releases, Basic Fun Reproductions

Type: Earth Pony • Adult • Female

Attributes: Exclusive Ponies, Favourite, Mint in Box/Mint on Card

Condition: Mint in Box/Mint on Card

Status: Done

Body Colour: Blue, Grey

Hair Colour: Blue, Grey

Pose: Bow Tie Pose

Notes: Target Exclusive. Stranger Things edition. So. Fucking. Cool.

Major shoutout to Taylor, who bought extras and happily posted them out all over the world to share the exclusive with collectors who don’t live in the USA. Pony fans are the best.

Added: 6 Jul 2019

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