Ice Crystal (European) (1)

Ice Crystal   (European) (1)

Ice Crystal (European) (1)

Generation 1, Mountain Boy Ponies, Year Six (1987-1988)

Type: Earth Pony • Adult • Male

Attributes: European Exclusive, Rare/Hard to Find

Condition: Near Perfect

Status: Done

Body Colour: Blue, Green

Hair Colour: Green, White

Pose: Tex Pose

Notes: Needs a magic eraser day as he has a few marks here and there.

He’s sort of a PonyCon buy, because the auction ended while I was at PonyCon … I think this is possibly why the bidding didn’t get silly: everyone who would’ve been interested was buying ponies in person. When bidding didn’t get silly, I wondered if I’d paid over the odds for him, so I asked three people at PonyCon who all assured me that they’d pay that much for him, and be pleased with the bargain.

Added: 10 Oct 2015

Source: eBay