Sand Dollar (1)

Sand Dollar    (1)

Sand Dollar (1)

Generation 3, Dream Design Ponies, Year Three (2005)

Type: Earth Pony • Adult • Female

Attributes: 3D Symbol, Hair Tinsel

Condition: Dry Hair, Good

Status: Done

Body Colour: Pink

Hair Colour: Purple

Pose: Periwinkle Pose

Notes: 3D Symbol

Awful condition, bless her. Tinsel is buggered, hair is dry, and personally, I’m not fond of her big clumsy symbol. Despite this, I really like her. She must’ve been played with a lot, just like Merriweather.

Edit Sept 2016: Wow, her hair was tamed with a curling wand. The tinsel is still awful, but still, the hair is much better.

Added: 15 Oct 2015

Source: Boot Sale