Chocolate Chip (aka Coco Berry) (1)

Chocolate Chip (aka Coco Berry)   (1)

Chocolate Chip (aka Coco Berry) (1)

Generation 1, Sundae Best Ponies, Year Six (1987-1988)

Type: Unicorn • Adult • Female

Attributes: 3D Symbol, Favourite, Scented

Condition: Good, Re-Pinked, Stained

Status: Done

Body Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Pink

Pose: Powder Pose

Army: Chocolate Chip Army

Notes: March 2015: Still scented (far less obnoxious than it was in the 80s). This picture is backwards: she looks a lot more blue and her hair looks a lot less pink in real life. Also, she’s covered in make-up. I got her around the same time I got the Perfume Puff Palace, which had makeup in for use on ponies. And I never took it off until March 2015 when I started collecting again.

Sep 2016: I re-pinked her hair. I went a little too dark, but on her it works. She still has make-up marks, I was going to H2O2 bath her, but her head is feeling kind of squishy and I didn’t want to break the plastic down further. So now I just take a picture from the side with the least marks on. I still love her.

I used to hate this pose with a fiery passion, and now it’s one of my favourites.

Added: 8 Apr 1990

Source: Childhood Toy