Guava Lava (3)

Guava Lava    (3)

Guava Lava (3)

Generation 3, Pony Packs, Year Three (2005)

Type: Earth Pony • Adult • Female

Attributes: Favourite

Condition: Pen Marks

Status: Done

Body Colour: Yellow

Hair Colour: Green, Pink

Pose: Heather Winds Pose

Army: Guava Lava Army

Notes: She looks filthy, but I bet she comes up perfect. Guava Lava has that ability.

Well, maybe not. What I thought was just dirt turned out to be pen marks in some cases. Some of it was dirt and she came up nice overall, but those pen marks won’t shift. Still, she’s part of the army now.

Added: 24 Feb 2019

Source: eBay