Jupitus (1)

Jupitus    (1)

Jupitus (1)

Generation 3, Custom, Custom Ponies

Type: Earth Pony • Adult • Female

Attributes: Custom, Custom by pandabear, Favourite

Condition: Near Perfect

Status: Done

Body Colour: Brown, White

Hair Colour: Brown, White

Pose: Sparkleworks Pose


Formerly Magic Marigold (2), now Custom Jupitus by Isabella.

Jupes was one of the greatest cats of all time. When I was with my ex, we got two cats together, Corky and Jupitus. When we split up, I kept the cats. My next boyfriend said he was allergic, but would see if he could live with cats. He became an amazing cat-dad and I married him.

While The Cork was my husband’s cat, Jupes (aka Oozely) was mine. Words cannot express how loving or sweet-natured he was. He was the kind of cat that if you put his meds down on the counter and turned to pick up the tuna to hide it, by the time you got back, he’d have obligingly eaten the meds without the treat, and was now hoping it was time to sit down and cuddle. He slept in my arms every night. He was a hand-holder. If Husband and I were on the sofa, holding hands as we watched TV, you could guarantee that Jupes would be on my lap, with his paw on top of our hands.

Amazing cats, both of them.

Added: 13 Oct 2019

Source: PonyCon 2019