Corky (1)

Corky    (1)

Corky (1)

Generation 3, Custom, Custom Ponies

Type: Earth Pony • Adult • Female

Attributes: Custom by pandabear, Custom, Favourite

Condition: Near Perfect

Status: Done

Body Colour: Black, White

Hair Colour: Black, White

Pose: Diva Pose


Formerly Merriweather (I) (3), now Custom Corky by Isabella.

The Cork was one of the greatest cats of all time. When I was with my ex, we got two cats together, Corky and Jupitus. When we split up, I kept the cats. My next boyfriend said he was allergic, but would see if he could live with cats. He became an amazing cat-dad and I married him. The Cork became his cat, though we both loved both of them. My favourite Cork moment was the time I was eating off a tray, and Cork wanted the chicken on my plate. In slow motion he gently reached out his front paw – and got vigorously rebuked. He sat deep in thought, and then made his next move…

… exactly the same play as before…

… but with his back foot.

I gave him the damned chicken. The Cork was a genius.

Added: 13 Oct 2019

Source: PonyCon 2019