Bouquet (1)

Bouquet    (1)

Bouquet (1)

Generation 1, Brush n Grow Ponies, Year Six (1987-1988)

Type: Unicorn • Adult • Female

Attributes: Favourite, Rainbow Hair, Super Long Hair

Condition: Near Perfect

Status: Done

Body Colour: White

Hair Colour: Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

Pose: Buttons Pose

Army: Bouquet Army

Notes: Brush and grow action still works and my younger self respected the hair so much that it was immediately plaited on taking her out of the box, and has never had a chance to be pulled or stretched, so it hasn’t gotten dry.

I’m pretty convinced that she and Strawberry Fair were dating. After all, they lived together. And raised a foal together. Also, what’s up with her symbol? How does a hat represent a bouquet? My younger self had the same question, and so I called her “Boutique” for the first day, assuming that her symbol meant something like “hat shop”, until my mother told me I was using the wrong name for her. I still have questions.

Added: 29 Jul 1987

Source: Childhood Toy