Baby Moondancer (1)

Baby Moondancer    (1)

Baby Moondancer (1)

Generation 1, Play and Care Sets, Year Three (1984-1985)

Type: Unicorn • Baby • Female

Condition: Body Faded/Yellowed, Good, Pen Marks

Status: Done

Body Colour: White

Hair Colour: Pink, Purple

Pose: Baby Glory Pose

Notes: Lovely condition except for the fact that someone wrote their initials on her hooves in pen.

I got into a fierce bidding war over a bundle of ponies containing her, and was really disappointed when she arrived with pen marks. At least they’re only on her feet, and not all over her legs or something. And she does look beautiful. Although this pose makes her topple over. Same problem with Baby Glory.

Added: 26 Sep 2015

Source: eBay