Strawberry Fair (aka Sugarberry) (4)

Strawberry Fair (aka Sugarberry)   (4)

Strawberry Fair (aka Sugarberry) (4)

Generation 1, Twice as Fancy Ponies, Year Five (1986-1987)

Type: Earth Pony • Adult • Female

Attributes: Cascading Symbol, Favourite, Strawberry Fair Army, Twice as Fancy

Condition: Body Faded/Yellowed, Good

Status: Done

Body Colour: White

Hair Colour: Red

Pose: Sugarberry Pose

Army: Strawberry Fair Army

Notes: Lovely hair, which is such a hard find, I think that the “sugarberry” hair is just prone to dryness, but she is more beige than the other three that I own. This is why finding the perfect Strawberry Fair is such a quest.

A gift from my lovely husband at Ponycon. He snuck off, claiming he had to make a work phone call, after spotting her on a stall, and then surprised me with her. Yes, I do have the perfect husband, actually.

Added: 10 Oct 2015

Source: PonyCon 2015