Pony Bride (3)

Pony Bride    (3)

Pony Bride (3)

Generation 1, Other Releases, Year Ten (1991-1992)

Type: Earth Pony • Adult • Female

Attributes: Favourite, Hair Tinsel

Condition: Haircut, Pen Marks, Re-Pinked, Rusty Butt, Stained

Status: Done

Body Colour: White

Hair Colour: Pink, White

Pose: Bride Pose

Army: Pony Bride Army

Notes: Hair is a nightmare and she has a pen mark (?) on her shoulder. She’s deeply rusted inside, and there is ground in dirt/rust in the plugs of her mane and the top of her tail. I cannot get her head off, so she’s kind of on pause at the moment.

So I dyed her hair pink and tamed the tinsel with my hair straighteners. She looks outstanding. The rest will shortly be getting new hair coolours.

Added: 5 Sep 2016

Source: eBay