Skyflier (I) (Italian) (1)

Skyflier  (I) (Italian) (1)

Skyflier (I) (Italian) (1)

Generation 1, Nirvana, Year Three (1984-1985)

Type: Unicorn • Adult • Female

Attributes: European Exclusive, Nirvana, Rare/Hard to Find

Condition: Damage to Cutie Mark, Damage to Eyes

Status: Done

Body Colour: Orange, White

Hair Colour: Red, White

Pose: Powder Pose

Notes: Slightly dry hair and rubs to her symbol.

To be honest, I’m not into Nirvanas and Rares unless they’re particularly pretty. While I’d love to have one of every pony, it’s not my ultimate goal. I just saw her on eBay and I adore her pose. I saw Nirvana in her title and assumed she’d go for silly money. I put in a top bid of what I thought was a reasonable amount, and she ended up going for much less. Because of this, I assumed that it was one of those sellers who thinks everything from pre-1985 is Nirvana/Rare etc. I did some research, and the Arena says she is Nirvana. So, I got a pretty pony, which was my goal, and she’s a Nirvana.

Added: 5 Sep 2016

Source: eBay