Precious Gem (1)

Precious Gem    (1)

Precious Gem (1)

Generation 3, Fancy Hair Ponies, Year Four (2006)

Type: Earth Pony • Adult • Female

Attributes: 3D Symbol

Condition: Good, Haircut

Status: Done

Body Colour: White

Hair Colour: Blue, Pink, Purple

Pose: Gem Blossom Pose

Notes: Sigh. This is a bit of a sad story. From her original pic, it looked as if she would be fairly easy to spa (compared only to my other copies of her). Sadly, the original picture did not show that her tail was a solid clump. I spent a very long time trying to save it, only to have hanks of hair come away in my hand. Eventually, I decided to cut out everything I couldn’t save. Which turned out to be a great deal of hair, because the knots had clearly been worked on and given up on before, and the hair was very stretched and fragile. She also lost about 1cm of her mane length. Still, she’s the only copy of Precious Gem I’ve ever tamed, so that’s something, I guess.

Added: 17 Sep 2016

Source: Boot Sale